The Power of Getting Away - 5 Ways To Get Away Without Going Anywhere

Remember that old commercial for Calgon? "Calgon, take me away!" I loved that commercial. I don't know why but it stuck with me, as many good advertisements do. It is something that pops into my head perpetually, that and the Thong Song, but that will be for another blog. When I get stressed out and almost to the edge, "Calgon, take me away" pops into my head.

I recently got away from it all by taking a trip to visit some friends who recently relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee. It was my first visit to Marble City. The host of the 1982 World's Fair; hello, Sunsphere! Home of the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee, Go Vols!  And I had such a wonderful time. We visited museums, restaurants, the amazing Knoxville Zoo, and of course, did a little shopping. It was just what my soul needed. My friends planned time in the city and plenty of downtime to create the perfect balance of adventure, recreation, and relaxation. I brought my mat and even found time for yoga because it is something I love and don't need to escape. During my time away I tried to not worry about the things that were waiting for me at home. My career, my yoga mat business, my bills, my problems, and so on. I know getting away isn't a cure for problems, but it certainly does a lot for the heart, the soul, and the spirit.

Getting away from it all is not something you can always do. I fully understand the privilege of being in a position where I can take time off and travel. But there are ways you can have little respite right in the comfort of your own home. My top 5 favorite ways to create a little getaway in my day:

1) Yoga - You cannot be surprised that I'd make this number one. This is where you get on your mat which, to me, feels like a destination. Taking time out of your day, even 20 minutes, to do yoga will do so much for your body. The breathing, the stretching, the calm, the happiness, the grounding, I could make a list that doesn't end. Give yourself a yoga break right now... or after you finish reading this.

2) At-home facial - There is something about facials that just make me happy. I am one of those people who loves lotions and potions so I am always willing to spend time on skincare. But, you do not need anything fancy to do an at-home facial. Just take a few minutes to wash your face and slather on some skin cream. Once you have a generous portion of skin cream on your face, slowly massage it into your face. Google "Face Yoga" and find one to try!

3) Take a nap - When was the last time you took a nap? I am not someone who takes naps regularly. I know people who take naps daily, and I say "That is great!" It is just not my regular routine. But, if I am finding time for self-care, I can usually convince myself to take a short nap. It does make all the difference sometimes. And I am typing this on the Sunday of daylight savings so my alarm this morning went off earlier than usual. I can see myself taking a nap soon.

4) Go outside - This is an actual change of scenery and sometimes that is all you need. I remember seeing a post on the internet where this woman said she texted her mom about having a bad day. Her mom responded, "Go sit outside and eat a banana." It made me laugh, but, by golly, sometimes that is all you need! I have used that advice myself, and it was wonderful.

5) Do nothing - Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be productive all day, every day? It. Is. Exhausting. So just do nothing. There is an Italian saying "Dolce far niente" which means "the sweetness of doing nothing." I know this is not a new concept for someone to mention in a blog. When something is good, it is worth repeating.

So get out there! Get away and do something or stay right here and do nothing. The power is yours.

Much love from me to you!

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