7 Ways The Yogi Raw Mat Will Enhance Your Practice


1. Superior Non-Slip Grip                                                                                                           Our cork yoga mat gives you the ultimate grip. The top layer is premium natural cork made from nature which delivers unbeatable non-slip grip no matter how much you sweat. Your grip is actually increased the wetter the cork surface gets, due to a waxy substance called suberin contained within the cork.
2. Anti-Bacterial                                                                                                                         Cork is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal without any special help or intervention, naturally eliminating germs, bacteria and odors. This means minimal upkeep is required. 
3. Moisture Resistant                                                                                                                  Cork is naturally water resistant. It doesn't absorb water and doesn't grow mold due to the natural properties of cork. This means water, moisture or high humidity is not a problem! Which makes cork the perfect raw material for a yoga mat.  
4. No Harsh Chemicals                                                                                                               Our cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and contain zero harsh chemicals. No PVC's, latex or any harmful chemicals used.                  
5. Comfortability                                                                                                                      The combination of dense cork over natural tree rubber provides you with added cushion and creates a super comfortable high-performance surface that will enhance your practice. Your heels and knees will feel comforted.
6. Lightweight                                                                                                                          Cork is an extra lightweight material. Almost 90% of the volume of cork is occupied by air enclosed in the micro-cells. This makes cork lighter than water, which means an ultra lightweight mat to carry with you anywhere.                 
7. Durability                                                                                                                                Our cork yoga mats are highly durable and made from the finest raw material available, the highest quality of natural cork and tree rubber. Our yoga mats do not crease, flake or lose its cork surface. Simply built to last.