A little bit (more) about me and a lesson from The Twilight Zone

Hi! If you've read the "Our Story" section of the website, you've been introduced to me. But I'd love to share a little bit more.

Who am I? What a philosophical question... who AM I? I am obsessed with yoga, my husband and our two cats, television shows (ask me what I am currently binging if you want to hear me blabber on about something other than yoga), and many other things. I am also someone who doesn't take herself so seriously. 

Why yoga? See answer above... I am obsessed with it.

What has been my proudest moment in yoga so far? Besides Yogi Raw Life, probably the day I was able to successfully do the Crow Pose. The first time I tried it I fell on my face, which was a little scary. But after a slightly bruised face and ego, I got back on the bike and I practiced and practiced and practiced. With the help of an amazing yoga instructor who didn't let me give up, I finally landed my Crow! It was February 13, 2020. And yes, I celebrate my Crowiversary every year.

But seriously, why do I love yoga? Well, it is kind of a funny thing. I tried yoga in my 20s and it just didn't work for me. I don't know why, maybe I couldn't get into the right headspace, or maybe I didn't give it a fair chance. I wish 23-year-old me would have figured it out, but a wise yoga instructor told me that sometimes things happen at the right time and it was just not the right time for me. Hmmm, me looking at the past, I'll get back to this topic later. After attending a few yoga events where I was there for the free cocktail, I had not tried again for years. Then in 2019, the universe lined up and it WAS the right time for me. I have so much gratitude for that because yoga has brought so much to my life.

What is my favorite tv show? I am so glad I asked myself this. Honestly, if you've met me even once, there is a great chance I brought up my favorite television show of all time, The Twilight Zone. I could talk for days about the brilliance of Rod Serling. And yes, I do watch the marathon on SyFy every New Year's Eve. It is my NYE tradition.

Anything else? There are a million other things I could share here, but I'll save 999,999 of them for another post. This post has talked about two of my favorite things, yoga and The Twilight Zone. These two things have something very important in common. Both have provided inspiring life lessons. Before I talk about them, I want to share a book recommendation. Mark Dawidziak wrote a great book called "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone: A Fifth-Dimension Guide to Life." I am not being paid to say this, but check it out. If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone you'll enjoy it, and if you are not a fan of The Twilight Zone you'll get something from it (and it will probably make you want to watch or revisit the show.) Also, I have a ton of other book recommendations, just ask. Back to my post.

Lessons from The Twilight Zone and yoga

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is called "Walking Distance." It is an episode centered on nostalgia and being stuck in the past. Haven't we all been there. Looking back at the best parts of our lives and dreaming of being there again. But we cannot go back. The lesson from the episode is about letting go of the past and focusing on what you have today and what you can have tomorrow. I cry every time I watch the episode when the main character's father tells him "Maybe you haven't  been looking in the right place. You've been looking behind you, Martin. Try looking ahead." How many times have we looked back when we should have been looking forward? Heck, I think about when I was learning to do the Crow Pose, if you didn't look forward you will fall on your face. This brings me to my yoga lesson...

One big lesson you get from studying yoga is the lesson of learning to let go. When you get on your (cork) mat, clear your mind and let go. Let go of things that do not serve you. Let go of things that are holding you back. Let go of whatever is in your head. Letting go is a huge piece of yoga and something that has truly helped me better myself in my practice. If I had not let go of my self-doubt, I would not be the owner of Yogi Raw Life.

Listen to Rod Serling, listen to your yoga instructor, listen to me reminding you to let go of the past and all of the things that do not serve you.

There it is, I told you I'd bring up the Twilight Zone.

Thanks for reading. I want to hear from you, what are some of your favorite lessons you've learned from yoga or your favorite television show?

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