The Power of Starting

Hi – I want to talk to you about the power of starting, but before I start, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Kristy, and I am the owner of Yogi Raw Life. I bought Yogi Raw Life from the founder of Yogi Raw back in mid-2022.  Yogi Raw Life is a small company that strives to inspire healthier yoga communities by creating superior-quality cork yoga mats that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. I am excited to see where I can take the brand.

To be honest, at the time this blog is written, the company is just me! I am running the website and fulfilling all the orders. I put love and care into every order that is placed, and your satisfaction is my highest priority. But I digress… The power of starting. I have always been very interested in entrepreneurship but was a little scared to dip my toe in the water. So many unknowns! What kind of business? What kind of product? How do I start? How will I afford this? What do I need to know? AHHHH! 

Last year I decided that it was the time. I didn’t have all the answers (and I never will) but I needed to do something that would lead me toward being an entrepreneur. So, I decided to just START. Knowing that I did not have a novel idea I thought that buying an existing business would be a great way to start. I started by researching businesses. Oh My Goodness, there is a lot out there. There were some cool companies for sale, but so many were out of my price range (I am looking at you, Twitter) and others that were not within an area I was interested (I am looking at you again, Twitter.) I knew I wanted something that I would be passionate about. Something I wanted to live and breathe. Something I would not mind doing when I was done with my day job. That something is yoga.

Four years ago, I found out I loved yoga. I found myself in a similar situation where I needed to focus on moving more. I had been an occasional exerciser but never found something that inspired me to move every day. I found myself in a situation where a friend invited me to a class with her, and then another class, and then another. I found myself excited about going to these classes and my self-consciousness was slowly going away. Then I decided, why should I wait for someone to invite me to a class, just find one and GO! JUST START! So, I did. I found an AMAZING yoga studio near my office that had a schedule that worked well with my life. I started with one day a week, to two, to three, and worked up to doing yoga five times a week. Now I cannot see my life without yoga in it.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, this is my first blog post since taking over Yogi Raw Life. I am starting. I am grateful for starting yoga, which was a step in the right direction to help me get over being scared of starting something new. When I started yoga, it was hard. I struggled with some of the poses, I wobbled, I fell (and sometimes on my face, I am looking at you Crow Pose) and over time I was getting better, I was getting stronger, I was improving myself. I am not a blog writer, but this is where I am starting. I will fall on my face, but I know each blog will help me get stronger, and eventually, I will be proud of what I have created. But right now, I am just proud for starting.

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading this. I hope this encourages you to start something new. I’d love to hear from you, what have you started and where are you today? Comment below!

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